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Privacy policy

Version 1.0 - in force from 01.04.2015

General Provisions
When using or registering on the website, as defined in the site's Conditions of Use and/or when making the contact with YAWA for any reason whatsoever, the User declares himself to be aware of, and consents to, the fact that YAWA will collect and process the personal data provided.
As an entity responsible for processing personal data, YAWA has sought registration with la Commission pour la protection de la vie privee (the Commission for the protection of privacy), and is registered with it under the number HM003025025.
The person responsible for processing this data at YAWA is Sophie GIET; she can be contacted as follows:
Email: Telephone +32 (0) 4 361 03 33 Mobile: +32 (0) 496 772 577
By accessing the website, the User expressly authorises YAWA to treat personal data in accordance with Belgian and European legislation on the protection of privacy and within the limits defined by this Privacy Policy.

Nature of the data processed and objectives of data processing
Nature of personal data processed
The data processed by YAWA are:
Family names, first names, addresses, electronic mail addresses, telephone numbers, Fax numbers; these data are collected during the User’s registration on the Website and/or when any order is placed order.
The information is for exchange between YAWA and the User, especially by e-mail, with regard to the execution of orders or contracts.
Bank details are collected during online payment transactions for the execution of such transactions.
The personal data communicated by the User are recorded in a file which is managed and remains at all times under the responsibility of YAWA.
The purposes for which personal data is processed
Personal data are collected and processed by YAWA for the following purposes :
to execute orders sent to YAWA by the User, including the generation of invoices and possible recovery of amounts owing in relation to Products or services supplied by YAWA.
To inform Users about products offered by YAWA.
Advertising and marketing, including the possible sending of paper or electronic newsletters.
Communicate promotional offers and offers to participate in events.
To carry out analysis of User activity on the website.
The processing of Users' personal data has been given the identification number VT005059244 at la Commission pour la protection de la vie privee (the Commission for the protection of privacy).

Right of access, rectification and opposition
Users whose personal data are processed by YAWA may at any time, and without incurring any fee, request from YAWA access to information it holds about them. They have the right to request that erroneous or incomplete data are updated or corrected.
They may oppose the processing of data, provided they can demonstrate good reason, and that, in doing so, the execution by YAWA of its obligations is not made more difficult.
In all cases, personal data are erased in the event that the User terminates a registration, or at the latest, after a 10-year period from the date of the User's last order.
Users may exercise the rights described in Article 3.1 by contacting YAWA using the contact details given in Article 1.2.

Safety and confidentiality
YAWA puts in place all reasonable means to ensure the confidentiality and security of the personal data it processes. These data will not be passed to third parties other than YAWA's partners, unless it is necessary to do so in order to supply the Products or services ordered by the User, if the User has consented to such a transfer, or if the transfer is required by a judicial or administrative authority.
The User declares himself to be aware of, and consents to, the fact that third party companies occasionally manipulate data for reasons of a technical nature, in order to ensure the proper operation of the YAWA's website, and in particular for the execution of orders made to YAWA.
The personal data concerned may be transmitted to intermediaries and financial institutions that are involved in payment operations.

Information regarding site navigation
YAWA collects and retains certain "visitor information" about visitors to its website, such as, for example, the name of the domain and the host computer address from which they access the internet, the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer used, the date and time of the visit, and the URL from which visitors are directed to the site.
This navigation information is not linked to any data that could be used to identify users and is destroyed after a given time.
Navigation information is collected via cookies. A cookie is a file, from a web page server, that installs itself on a computer's hard drive; it does not allow the identification of the User, but records information relating to the navigation of a computer on a site. The data obtained are intended to facilitate subsequent browsing of the site and are also used to obtain various measures about visits to the site. YAWA uses such information to analyse and measure visits to its site.
Browsers can be set to reject cookies; the refusal to use a cookie may, however, render it impossible to access some services and functionality of the website; Users declare themselves to be aware of this.
The processing of navigation information described in this section may be carried out by third parties, such as the American Company, Google Inc., through its "Google Analytics" tool.

Commission for the protection of privacy
In accordance with the law enacted on 8 December 1992, you are entitled to request complementary information from the COMMISSION DE PROTECTION DE LA VIE PRIVEE
, Address: PO Box 4, Brussels 37, 1000 Brussels
Phone: 0032 (0) 221 385 40
Fax: 0032 (0) 221 385 65
Please note, YAWA is registered under agreement number HM003025025, and provides its information files to the Commission under the number VT005059244.

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