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Legal Information

 Version 1.0 - in force from 01.04.2015

The website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") is owned by Madame Sophie GIET, registered in the Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises (BCE – the Belgian business register) as company number 598 664 006, whose registered address is Impasse des Camus, 57, 4000, LIEGE.
She can be contacted as follows:
Telephone: +32 4 361 03 33
Mobile: +32 496 772 577
Email: (or via the form available in the Contact section of the website).

Conception : Sophie Giet
Hosting :
Photographs : Didier Gillis, François Schumacher, Nathalina Damore, Sophie Giet

Personal Data Protection
We take great care to protect the personal data that you provide.
For any questions related to privacy and the protection of your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.

Conditions of Use for the website
Scope of application
The Conditions of Use described here are the conditions under which Sophie GIET (hereinafter called "Yawa") authorises access to and use of the website. They are applicable to any person (hereinafter called the "User") who visits the website for any purpose whatsoever. They are supplemented by YAWA’s Privacy Policy and General Conditions of Sale.
These Conditions of Use contain important legal information about accessing, visiting and using the website, and, in particular, the associated intellectual property rights of YAWA. We invite you to read these conditions carefully.
By accessing the website you declare yourself, without reservation, to be familiar with and to have expressly accepted the content. In the event that you do not agree with the Conditions, you are requested not to access or use the website.
YAWA's responsibilities
Use of the website by Users and information from it that is made available by their providers, or information from linked sites, is their sole responsibility.
Users are responsible for any damage that may be caused to other users or third parties as a result of their use of the website.
Except in cases of gross negligence or wilful misconduct on its part, YAWA and its employees bear no responsibility for direct and/or indirect damage of any kind (including loss of profit, costs of acquiring an equivalent service or product, or loss of opportunity) incurred by the User, or by a third party, as a result of the User’s use of the website, or its inability to use it, for any reason whatsoever.
YAWA takes great care to maintain the quality of its website. It takes all reasonable measures to provide accurate information, maintain up-to-date content, and to correct, as soon as possible, any errors brought to its attention.
YAWA cannot guarantee that the website will, at all times and in all circumstances, be free of inaccuracies. YAWA therefore cannot therefore be held responsible for any damage or undesirable experience that the User may suffer as a result of erroneous, inaccurate or missing content, or as a result of lack of clarity of the website's content, or any third party website to which it makes reference.
Similarly, hyperlinks that may be present on the website, which link to advertisements by third parties, or products or services proposed by third parties, are not in any way the responsibility of YAWA. YAWA cannot offer any guarantee whatsoever regarding the quality of the information to which hyperlinks present on the website provide access; it cannot be held responsible for these websites' compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The owners of the websites that these links allow Users to access bear sole responsibility for their content.
Access to these sites is at the sole risk of the User, who declares himself aware that they may be subject to other terms and conditions, or other provisions, concerning the protection of privacy; and, in more general terms, may be operated to other terms and conditions than those applicable to YAWA's website. The User agrees to comply with the conditions of access and use of these websites.
YAWA cannot be held responsible for hyperlinks present on third party websites that link back to YAWA's website; or for the content of these third party sites, which YAWA neither verifies nor endorses.
The User further agrees that the download of information, and its subsequent use, remains his own responsibility. The User bears sole responsibility for any damage that may be caused to computer equipment, and/or any loss of data, arising from the download or use of information from YAWA's website.
YAWA and its employees are not responsible for direct and/or indirect damage caused by the transmission of viruses occurring in spite of protective measures taken, by the interruption of the access to the website following an electronic communication failure or connection problem, by unauthorised access to the site by a third party and the consequences that may result from it, or by the occurrence of any event that can be considered force majeure.
The User also assumes full responsibility for the adequate protection of computer equipment and will take all necessary measures to safeguard it, and to safeguard the data it contains.
YAWA accepts no responsibility for any non-foreseeable or consequential damages, including but not limited to: loss of profit, reputation, financial savings, clients or data.
The User's responsibilities
The User agrees, in particular, to:
use the website in accordance with the law and the provisions thereof, the YAWA’s General Conditions of Sale and its Privacy Policy; and further to use the Website with all due diligence;
communicate, when using the website, information that is true and accurate; he further undertakes be mindful of the need to update any of this information and to communicate such updates; in addition, the User agrees not to use any alias or pseudonym;
refrain from using or disclosing any information contrary to public order, accepted good taste, or of any nature likely to be defamatory to YAWA, other users, or any third party, in terms of their image or reputation ;
refrain from making or attempting to make changes to the website and the application, without the prior agreement of YAWA, and especially not to introduce to the website, any other website, logo, photograph or other data, or to create hyperlinks or connections to other websites without the express prior written consent of YAWA;
refrain from any act, direct or indirect, that may cause malfunction or unavailability (temporary or permanent, partial or total) of the website;
indemnify YAWA and/or third parties who may suffer loss as a result of illicit, non-compliant use, or abuse of the Website.
In the case of non-compliance by the User with the Conditions of Use, the General Conditions of Sale and/or the Privacy Policy, YAWA reserves the right to suspend, restrict or remove the User's access to its website, without prior warning and without prejudice to any other remedy.
Similarly, YAWA reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any information or content broadcast on its Website, or through its intermediaries, which is contrary to the terms of use.
The User is responsible for the correct operation of, and for all operational aspects of, any component of their communications infrastructure and computer equipment; to this end, the User must ensure that they have put in place an appropriate contract, with an operator of their choice, to supply communications services, which ensures, in particular, the continuity of telecommunications services.
The User agrees to renounce the right to invoke YAWA, in any way whatsoever, in relation to any product failures, decommissioning, restriction or suspension of part or all of the services related to his IT infrastructure or communications, including any services provided by telecommunications operators.
Intellectual property rights
The User declares himself to be aware that YAWA is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights related to the website, including all elements that comprise the site, including but not limited to, the structure and content of the website, data, logos, text, images, trademarks and distinctive markings it contains, as well as the interfaces, layout and computer programs that may be used on the website.
The User agrees not to undertake any activity, directly or indirectly, that is likely to challenge the validity of YAWA's intellectual property rights of affect their enjoyment by YAWA.
No rights of any kind whatsoever are assigned or conceded to the User as a result of their access to, or use of, the website.
Unless a User has the prior written permission of YAWA, it is strictly prohibited to reproduce in whole or in part, disseminate, extract and/or reuse all or part of the website, or any of its elements, in any form or via any medium whatsoever. The same prohibition applies to any adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, marketing, even partial, of the Site and/or any of its elements, including its terms and conditions, by any means and via any medium whatsoever.
Users are permitted to access the website solely for the purpose of consulting its contents in accordance with its terms and conditions and Privacy Policy.
YAWA allows, to the exclusion of all other types of link, the creation of surface links that refer to the Web site's home page or an internal page. Accordingly, YAWA prohibits, unless express prior written agreement has been obtained, any linking or technical measure, such as deep linking, framing or in-lining, that has the effect of, directly or indirectly, reproducing all or part of the Website, diverting, altering or concealing the source of the information or content, or that has the effect of creating a risk of confusion as to the source of the information or content.
Website availability
YAWA puts in place all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of the website, its availability in an uninterrupted manner 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, and to limit, as far as is possible, any undesirable experiences arising from technical errors or malicious acts of third parties.
The User exonerates YAWA from any liability in the case of non-availability of the website, malfunctions, errors, bugs, incidents or problems of any nature whatsoever, arising from: 1) a malicious act by another User, or a third party, or 2) from inappropriate use of the website by the User, or 3) from information published therein or disseminated on related websites.
YAWA cannot guarantee that access to, or use of its website may not be momentarily interrupted for technical reasons. Without prejudice to Article 4, YAWA also reserves the right to discontinue, at any time and without prior notice, access to the site, in order to carry out site maintenance operations or updates. YAWA does not accept any liability for any damage sustained in the event of such an interruption.
Protection of Minors
The User declares himself to be aware that the website is potentially accessible to minors in his custody, who, in the same way as other Users, will have access to all information provided by the website. The User is obliged to take all necessary and prudent security measures if they wish to prevent access to, or use of the Website by, such minors. The User must, without exception, verify the nature of all information on the website consulted by minors.
Modification of the website and Conditions of Use.
YAWA reserves the right to modify or remove, at any time and without prior warning, information and data, of any nature whatsoever, that has been published on the website.
The present Conditions are also likely to be updated in the same way as the general Conditions of Sale and Privacy Policy.
All these Conditions shall apply during the session in which the User uses the website. The Conditions of Use, the special conditions governing the e-commerce module, and the Privacy Policy are applicable throughout the duration of the session in which the User uses the website, and are, in all cases, those that are published on the Website at the time when the User accesses it.
YAWA will inform the User of any changes to these conditions by publishing on the site the date of the last modification, and the latest available version.
Other provisions
Annulment of one or more of the provisions of the present Conditions of Use shall not detract from the validity, applicability, and binding nature of all other provisions. If one or more of the provisions are deemed or declared invalid on the basis of a law, a regulation or a court decision, the degree and/or the scope of the other provisions will remain intact. The invalid provision will be replaced by a new provision that is likely to replicate, as far as is possible, the original objective(s) of the invalid provision.
Use of the website, the special conditions governing the e-commerce module, and the Privacy Policy are subject to Belgian law. The Tribunal de commerce de Liege, division de Liege (the Tribunal of Commerce of Liege, Liege division) shall be the sole arbiter of any dispute concerning the formation, interpretation and execution of these present Conditions.
Technical Support
YAWA takes every possible measure to resolve misunderstandings, complaints, and technical or operational problems concerning the website within a reasonable time and within the limits of its Conditions of Use.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

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